Mold Design

Mold Design


Introduction, SOLIDWORKS Basics and the User Interface, Introduction to Sketching, Basic Part Modeling, Symmetry and Draft, Patterning, Revolved Features, Shelling and Ribs, Editing: Repairs, Editing: Design Changes, Configurations.

Assembly Modeling

Advanced Mate Techniques, Top-Down Rssembly Modeling, Rssembly Features, Smart Fasteners, and Smart Components, Rssembly Editing, Using Configurations with Assemblies, Layout-based Rssembly Design, Large Assemblies.


Drawing Sheets and Views, Dimension, Annotations, Assembly Drawing Views, Sheet Formats and Templates, Bill of Materials and Tables, Drawing References and Comparison.

Mold Design Using SOLIDWORKS

Surface Concepts and Imported Geometry, Core and Cavity, Side Cores and EDM Design, Advanced Parting Lines, Shut-Off Surfaces and Cores, Using Surfaces for Model Prep and Interlocks, Using Surfaces for Mold Design Features, Completing the Mold Base.


Basic Flow Analysis, Detecting Air Traps, Detecting Short Shots, The Model Manager, Injection Locations and Sink Marks, Multiple Cavity Molds, Runner-Balancing, Gate Freeze, Optimizing Cooling.

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