Diploma in CAD/CAE


Introduction, SOLIDWORKS Basics and the User Interface, Introduction to Sketching, Basic Part Modeling Symmetry and Draft, Patterning, Revolved Features, Shelling and Ribs, Editing: Repairs, Editing: Design Changes, Configurations.

Assembly Modeling

Advanced Mate Techniques, Top- Down Assembly Modeling, Assembly Features, Smart Fasteners and Smart Components, Assembly Editing,Using Configurations with Assemblies, Layout-based Assembly Design, Large Assemblies.


Drawing Sheets and Views, Dimension, Annotations, Assembly Drawing Views, Sheet Formats and Templates, Bill of Materials and Tables, Drawing References and Comparison.

Advanced Part Modeling

Multi-body Design Techniques, Saving Solid Bodies, Sketching with Splines, Introduction to Sweeping, Working with Curves, Advanced Sweeping, Boundary Feature and Lofting.

Surface Modeling

Understanding Surfaces, Introduction to Surfacing, Solid-Surface Hybrid Modeling, Repairing and Editing Imported Geometry, Advanced Surface Modeling, Blends and Patches.

SOLIDWORKS Routing-Piping and Tubing

Introduction, Fundamentals of Routing, Piping Route, Piping Fittings, Tubing Routes, Piping and Tubing Changes, Creating Routing Components.

Sheet Metal

Sheet Metal Flange Method, Sheet Metal Convert Method, Multi-body Sheet Metal Parts, Sheet Metal Forming Tools, Additional Sheet Metal Features and Techniques.


The Analysis Process, Mesh Controls, Stress Concentrations and Boundary Conditions, Assembly Analysis with Contacts,Symmetrical and Free Self- Equilibrated Assemblies, Assembly Analysis with Connectors and Mesh Refinement, Compatible / Incompatible Meshes, Analysis of Thin Components, Mixed Meshing Shells and Solids, Mixed Meshing Solids, Beams and Shells.

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional

Frequency Analysis of Parts, Frequency Analysis of Assemblies, Buckling Analysis, Thermal Analysis, Thermal Analysis with Radiation, Fatigue Analysis, Drop Test Analysis.

SOLIDWORKS Motion Course

Introduction to Motion Simulation and Forces, Building a motion model and post processing. Introduction to contacts, springs and dampers. Advanced contact. Curve to curve contact. Motion optimization. Flexible joints. Redundancies, Export to FEA, Event based simulation.

SolidWorks Simulation Premium: Nonlinear

Introduction to Nonlinear structural analysis. Geometric nonlinear analysis. Material Models and constitutive relations. Numerical procedure for nonlinear FEA, Contact Analysis, Large Displacement Analysis, Nonlinear static buckling analysis. Plastic deformation. Hardening rules. Nonlinear contact analysis.

SolidWorks Simulation Premium : Dynamic

Vibration of a Pipe, Transient shock analysis according to MILS-STD- 81OG, Harmonic Analysis of a Bracket, Response spectrum analysis. Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis of an Electronic Enclosure.

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