CFD Expert

CFD Expert


Introduction, SOLIDWORKS Basics and the User Interface, Introduction to Sketching, Basic Part Modeling Symmetry and Draft, Patterning, Revolved Features, Shelling and Ribs, Editing: Repairs, Editing: Design Changes, Configurations.

Assembly Modeling

Advanced Mate Techniques, Top- Down Assembly Modeling, Assembly Features, Smart Fasteners and Smart Components, Assembly Editing,Using Configurations with Assemblies, Layout-based Assembly Design, Large Assemblies.


Drawing Sheets and Views, Dimension, Annotations, Assembly Drawing Views, Sheet Formats and Templates,
Bill of Materials and Tables, Drawing References and Comparison.

Advanced Part Modeling

Multi-body Design Techniques, Saving Solid Bodies, Sketching with Splines, Introduction to Sweeping, Working with Curves, Advanced Sweeping, Boundary Feature and Lofting.

SolidWorks Flow Simulation Course

Creating a SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation Project, Meshing, Thermal Analysis, and Conjugate heat transfer. Porous media. Rotating Reference frames. Parametric study. Particle Trajectory.

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